Sahi Pro - Utility APIs


Since Sahi Pro: 3.5
Since Sahi OS: 2


$maxNumberinteger maximum number


Returns a random number between 0 and maxNumber.
warning Two calls to _random() may return the same number. DO NOT use it for uniqueness.


Since Sahi Pro: 4.3
Since Sahi OS: NA

_extract($str, $pattern[, $onlyGroups])

$str s String to find pattern in
$pattern string|regular expression Regular expression as native regex (/a/) or as a string ("/a/")
$onlyGroups b optional if true, returns only the groups matched.


This API helps extract specific content from strings.

// To get value "250" from "Rs. 250"
_extract("Rs. 250", "/Rs. (.*)/", true); // returns "250"
_extract("Rs. 250", "/Rs. (.*)/"); // returns an array ["Rs. 250", "250"]

// Multiple groups with and without onlyGroups
var $str = "The traffic light changed from red to green";
var $pattern = "/from (.*) to (.*)/";

var $extracted = _extract($str, $pattern);
// $extracted now has the overall match "from red to green" and the individual groups "red" and "green"
_assertEqual(["from red to green", "red", "green"], $extracted);

// Setting onlyGroups=true, we do not get back the overall match.
var $extracted = _extract($str, $pattern, true);
// $extracted now has only the individual groups "red" and "green"
_assertEqual(["red", "green"], $extracted);


Since Sahi Pro: 5.1.0
Since Sahi OS: NA


$argstring | array String or 1-d or 2-d array.


Returns a trimmed string or 1-d or 2-d array.
var $s = " sahi pro  ";
$s = _trim($s);
_assertEqual("sahi pro", $s);

var $arr = ["",,,"sahi", "pro",,,"",,];
$arr = _trim($arr);
_assertEqual("sahi", $arr[0]);
_assertEqual("pro", $arr[1]);
_assertEqual(2, $arr.length);

var $array2D = [[],[],[],["","",""],["abc", "xyz", "c"], ["1", "2", "3"], ["1", "2", "3"], ["1", "2", "3"], ["1", "2", "3"],[],[""],[]];
$array2D = _trim($array2D);
_assertEqual("xyz", $array2D[0][1]);
_assertEqual(5, $array2D.length);


Since Sahi Pro: 6.0.0
Since Sahi OS: NA


$object JSON Object JSON to convert to string.


It converts a JSON object to String.

var $libObj = {
  "name":"John Johnson",
  "street":"Oslo West 16",
  "phone":"555 1234567"};
// Gives string corresponding to json object.
var $jsonString = _toJSON($libObj);