What is new in Sahi Pro v8.0.0

abstract Sahi Pro v8.0.0 is a major release with significant feature additions and modifications. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Sahi Pro v8.0.0.
danger Read this section, before upgrading to Sahi Pro v8.0.0

NOTE: license.data files will no longer work from v8.0.0.
NOTE: Sahi Pro License Servers will also not work from v8.0.0.

  1. We have brought in significant changes to our licensing mechanism to ease end user administration.
    From v8.0.0, license product keys will be used instead of license.data files.
    We are reaching out to our customers to provide product keys for the licenses they have bought.
  2. Sahi Pro User licenses allow installation only on one machine
  3. Sahi Pro Concurrent licenses should be used if you need to work on multiple machines
  4. Two (2) Sahi Pro Runner licenses are provided free with each Concurrent license. Additional Runner licenses will need to be purchased. (Eg. If you have 5 concurrent licenses, you will get 1 product key and you will be able to run 5 concurrent instances of Sahi Pro and 10 instances of Sahi Pro Runner.)
  5. The End User License Agreement (EULA) has changed to reflect that we collect end user data to verify licenses.

Key Features

License Product Keys

Dependency, Retry and Modes in Suites

See Data Driven Suites for more details.

Logs and Reports


REST Client



New APIs

Modified APIs

Bug Fixes

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