Evaluation Questions

Browser and OS support

question Which operating systems and browsers does Sahi support?
answer The Sahi proxy server is written in Java. It can work well on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Sahi supports the following browsers: IE 6 to IE 11 Firefox 3.5+ (to latest) Chrome (versions since last 5 years) Safari and Opera (versions since last 4 years, but Opera support may not be very robust)

You may record on one browser and playback the script on another.

AJAX support

question Does Sahi support ajax based applications?
answer Yes, Sahi supports ajax applications very well.

Sahi automatically waits for Ajax requests to finish loading, so there is no need to add explicit waits in the code. This reduces the size of the codebase significantly.

SSL support

question Does sahi support sites using SSL communications?
answer Sahi Pro automatically handles SSL. Depending on your system, you may need to click once on the "SSL" link on the Sahi Pro Dashboard and accept that certificate. This is a one time operation.

Configuring Sahi

question Does Sahi Pro have screens to configure Sahi?
answer Most of Sahi Pro's configuration can be done via the Configure link on the Sahi Dashboard.

Can Sahi work without proxy configuration?

question We are not allowed to change the proxy settings of IE. In that case, will Sahi work with IE?
answer Sahi works on the basis of a proxy server. Using a proxy allows Sahi to inject code in webpages that allow it to access the DOM of the page, record and playback scripts.

Unfortunately, without changing the proxy settings, Sahi cannot work.