Handling streaming responses

If an application url returns a streaming response, Sahi will wait indefinitely for the response and hence playback may hang.

This is how one can handle streaming responses in Sahi.
info NOTE that support for streaming responses is available since Sahi Pro V5.0.
To accommodate technologies like Comet and Server Push, we have added streaming_contenttypes.txt and streaming_urls.txt which specifically tell Sahi to stream the content without buffering.

For example
is already added to userdata/config/streaming_contenttypes.txt to enable streaming of videos.

For a specific url, it is better to add a regular expression of the URL in userdata/config/streaming_urls.txt.

For example, if your URL is http://yourdomain/message/abcd?x=y where you know that /message/ is unique to the streaming URL, add
to streaming_urls.txt. (Forward slashes need to be escaped in regular expressions)

Restart Sahi server after modifying streaming_contenttypes.txt or streaming_urls.txt and check.