Sahi Pro Starter

abstract Sahi Pro Starter is a free version of Sahi Pro with a limited set of features.

Difference from Sahi OS

The codebases of Sahi OS and Sahi Pro had been steadily diverging in the past few years and scripts from OS could not be easily used with Sahi Pro. Also support for shadow DOM, HTML5 websites could not be easily ported to the OS version. The new Chrome versions also started imposing restrictions around SSL certificates, restricting the usability of Sahi OS on modern https websites.

Sahi Pro Starter removes these restrictions and is in sync with Sahi Pro. It supports SSL sites, HTML5 APIs and all the latest browser automation goodness of Sahi Pro. It also makes upgrading to Sahi Pro easier.

info Sahi Pro Starter v7.0.1 has been introduced as a free tool for automation of web application testing. It can be used for small requirements of automation, say less than 100 scripts.

For rich database backed reports, multi machine playback, guaranteed support etc. use the more feature rich Sahi Pro.

Features present in Sahi Pro Starter

Obtaining a license

You can obtain a free license for Sahi Pro Starter (valid for six months) by registering here.