What is new in Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on v7.5.0

abstract Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on v7.5.0 is a major release with significant feature additions and modifications. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on v7.5.0.

Key Modifications

warningRead this section, before upgrading to Sahi Pro v7.5.0
Desktop Automation without Browser Automation If you want to automate only Desktop applications, and do not need Sahi Pro's browser automation capabilities, it is now possible to turn off browser capabilities and use only a Desktop Add-on license (without needing a Sahi Pro license). One needs to add licenses based on Sahi capabilities enabled.

New APIs

Windows Application Java/Applets Application

Modified APIs

Java/Applets Application

Bug Fixes

Windows Application Java/Applets Application
warning Refer Whats new in Sahi Pro v7.5.0 for features and enhancements done in Sahi Pro v7.5.0.