What is new in Sahi Pro v6.3.0

abstract Sahi Pro v6.3.0 is a major release and contains many new features and bugfixes.

Key Features

Tree Structure in Logs

Suite report will now be displayed as a nested tree structure. It shows the exact nested level for scripts the way it is written in suite / dd.csv file so that user can get the idea of which script belongs to which suite / dd.csv file. Offline reports will also look as nested tree structure. This has been described in detail here.
warning WARNING related to Suite report
  • Sahi Database has been modified from Sahi Pro v6.3.0
  • If you upgrade to Sahi Pro v6.3.0, then older suite reports will be displayed in the older flat structure instead of the new tree structure.
  • Syncing suite reports created in older versions of Sahi Pro to Sahi Pro v6.3.0, will display the older reports in flat structure.
info IMPORTANT: For distributed run, we strongly recommand using Sahi Pro v6.3.0 on both master and slaves machines, so as to get desired suite report structure.
info NOTE: The failed suite will contain all the failed scripts at the same level, so there will not be any tree structure in failed suite report.

Periodic Notification During Script Playback

During script playback, a notification of the current suite status will now be shown. The notification would be updated when the status of a script changes. A summary of the number of Testcases and Scripts passed and the number of Testcases and Scripts ran will also be printed.

When scripts are executed using a command prompt (which includes Testrunner, Drun, Drun Diff Master and Ant), the messages will be logged in their corresponding consoles. In the case of Editor, the notification will appear on the bottom right corner of the Editor screen.

You can read more about these notifications here.

Auto-Indentation in Script Editor

A new Auto-Indentation button has been added in the Script Editor. When pressed, it will read the contents of the entire .sah script and correct its indentations and format. This improves readability, reduces efforts and brings all formatted scripts to the same pattern. Script formatting has been described in detail here.

New APIs

Assertion APIs Alignment APIs

Other Features and Enhancements

Bug Fixes