What is new in Sahi Pro v7.5.0

abstract Sahi Pro v7.5.0 is a major release with significant feature additions and modifications. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Sahi Pro v7.5.0.

Key Features

warningRead this section, before upgrading to Sahi Pro v7.5.0
  1. Sahi Framework now supports Java: Sahi's Framework previously supported calling Sahi script (Javascript) functions. Now Scenario files can call Java methods. This should help teams which want to use Java instead of Javascript for automation. APIs _importJava and _loadJavaInstance have been added to enable calling Java libraries from Sahi scripts.
  2. Sahi specific assertions in Java driver: Assertions in Junit etc. do not have the wait and retry mechanism which is available in Sahi's javascript assertions. Also junit assertion failures cause Java tests to abort.

    Now assertion APIs have been added to Java driver with implicit wait-retry mechanism. When these assertions are invoked from Sahi scripts or Scenario files, assertion failures do not stop execution. Also logs are automatically generated.

    When using with a junit like framework, calling b.throwExceptionOnAssertionFailure(true) will ensure Exception is thrown during failures.
  3. Create Accessor Repository from existing scripts: If scripts have already been created, and you now want to start using Accessor Repository, it is now possible to extract accessors from existing scripts into Accessor Repository files easily from the Editor.
  4. Password Encoding: Previously, passwords used to be recorded as is, making passwords easily visible to others. This can be a concern in specific cases where real credentials are needed for accessing your application. _setPassword, _encrypt APIs have been added and Editor now has a Password Encoder utility. Please note that the encoding makes it slightly more complex to know your password, but is not very secure.
  5. Desktop Automation without Browser Automation: If you want to automate only Desktop applications, and do not need Sahi Pro's browser automation capabilities, it is now possible to turn off browser capabilities and use only a Desktop Add-on license (without needing a Sahi Pro license).
  6. Support for OAuth2 in REST automation APIs
  7. If Sahi Pro license is expired, Sahi Pro will be disabled but user can continue with Sahi Pro Runner of the same version.
  8. Auto-completion of words as user types in the Editor

New APIs

Modified APIs

Bug Fixes

warning Refer Whats new in Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on v7.5.0 for features and enhancements done in Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on v7.5.0.