Sahi Documentation

Startup Issues

Here are a few issues that you may face while starting up.

Browsers do not show up on the Sahi Dashboard

symptom The Sahi Dashboard does not show all the browsers available on the machine.
cause Browser configuration is part of the browser_types.xml. If the <path> value indicates an incorrect path for a browserType, it will not be displayed on the Dashboard.
resolution Please do the following steps.
  1. Click on Configure from the Dashboard.
  2. In browser_types.xml, correct the of the browsers of interest (like firefox and chrome). Set it to the full file path of the browser exe file.
  3. Press Save.
  4. Restart Sahi Pro
  5. You should start seeing the browsers now.

Browser does not load Application page

symptom The application fails to load. Sahi shows an error page indicating that it cannot connect to the application url. However, page gets displayed correctly.
  • It is possible that the application does not load from a browser outside of Sahi too, in which case there is a problem with the application itself.
  • If application loads outside of Sahi, it is likely that to connect to the internet, a proxy server is being used. Sahi needs to be able to connect to this proxy server.
  • Check if the application loads from a browser outside of Sahi. If no, then the application is down. Fix the application.
  • Check if a proxy server is used to connect to the internet outside of Sahi. If yes, Sahi needs to connect to this proxy server in order to connect to the internet.
    info NOTE that Sahi itself is a proxy server, but we are not referring to it here. To avoid confusion, we will refer to the proxy server as an external proxy server.
    • If the external proxy server is fixed, refer to Fixed Proxy
    • If a configuration proxy.pac script is being used, refer to Proxy AutoConfig Script
    • warning Ensure that the 'Automatically detect proxy settings' option has been turned off.
    • warning Ensure that the 'Automatic proxy configuration script' option has been turned off.

Browser does not load page in local network when fixed external proxy is configured

symptom Sahi connects to a fixed external proxy server. The browser can connect to external websites, but it does not load a website in the local network.
cause The website in the local network should be bypassed by the external proxy but is not being done so.
resolution Do the following.

  1. Edit userdata\config\
  2. Add the website domain to ext.http.both.proxy.bypass_hosts like so

    info NOTE: Replace with your domain.
    Save the file
  3. Restart Sahi server, clear browser cache and check again.
  4. info NOTE that there is only one bypass list for both http and https websites.

Elements on a page are not recognized on an IE browser

  • Recorder is not able to record elements on a page
  • A script recorded on another browser does not playback correctly. Elements are not recognized.
  • Logs show that a valid step could not be completed in 150 seconds.
  • Are you testing your scripts in IE against a localhost/ url? If so,
    • Please change localhost to your machine name and run the test. localhost url will not work with IE.
    • If machine name does not work, try with the IP address of your machine.
  • If it still does not work, close all IE browser instances, clear your IE browser cache once, and try again.
  • If it still does not work, check if you are able to execute demo scripts on your IE browser. Try and run sahitests/clickCombo.sah against Note the "/" at the end. Contact with details.