Introduction to Sahi Pro Flowcharts

abstract Sahi Pro Flowcharts is a no-code, visual way of representing and automating test flows.

What is Sahi Pro Flowcharts?

Sahi Pro Flowcharts is a no-code, visual way of representing and automating test flows.

Who should use Sahi Pro Flowcharts?

Sahi Pro Flowcharts is for anybody in a tester role who wants to automate repetitive checks for faster releases. You could be a Manual Tester, Exploratory Tester, Automation Engineer, Business Analyst, Delivery Manager or anyone in a testing role.

What technologies can Flowcharts automate?

Sahi Pro Flowcharts supports all the technologies that Sahi Pro does: You can automate Web, Webservices, Mobile (Android and iOS), Windows Desktop, SAP GUI and Java applications. For a full list, see Supported Features and Technologies

Is it really no-code?

Flowcharts is almost 99% no code. However, there may be applications and circumstances where we may realize the limitations of our framework or UI. For those cases, Flowcharts allows the invocation of custom Sahi code. We will be monitoring via our support teams for any such use cases and pro actively try to work towards no-code solutions for them.

How does Flowcharts affect existing users of Sahi Pro?

Existing Sahi Pro users can continue to use scripting or BDTA framework. For any new requirement, they can move to Flowcharts. Existing Sahi functions can be called from Flowcharts. Even entire Sahi suites can be invoked and played back with Flowcharts projects.

Evolution of Flowcharts

Sahi started as an open-source tool in 2005. The main aim of Sahi was to enable non-programmer testers to easily accomplish web UI automation. We accomplished that by building a good recorder, smart object identification, and using simple Javascript for scripting.

As Sahi became Sahi Pro, and the scale of automation increased, we introduced the Business Driven Test Automation framework, which let users express their test cases via an Excel or Spreadsheet user interface. The actual automation implementation was still in Javascript, but could be accomplished almost 75% with just the wizards provided in Sahi Pro. This reduced the code/programming need of the automation project significantly.

Having seen how customers benefitted from Sahi Pro BDTA, we tried to see if we could eliminate code entirely from UI automation. We analyzed the programming patterns used in test automation and came up with a framework that gave the same control to the end user but without the code.

Sahi Pro Flowcharts is a fruit of that labour. Sahi Pro Flowcharts dramatically brings down the complexity of test automation and hence speeds up your delivery process.


  1. Visual Test Flows
  2. No-code Implementation
  3. Powerful Recorder and Object Spy
  4. Robust Object Identification
  5. Automatic Waits
  6. Step Composer
  7. Automatic Parameter Passing
  8. In-built Data Generators
  9. Positive Validations
  10. Negative Validations
  11. Explicit Data Looping
  12. Conditional Flows
  13. Conditional Implementation Overrides
  14. Precondition Matching and Automatic Setup
  15. Suites, Tags and Dependency
  16. Parallel and Distributed Playback
  17. Detailed In-built Reports
  18. Version Control and Collaboration
  19. CI/CD Integration
  20. Authoritative Support
  21. Automates Web, Webservices, Desktop, Mobile, Java, SAP


Sahi Pro Flowcharts is a new module in Sahi Pro 11.