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Web Crawler APIs

abstract Web Crawler APIs are used to navigate to all pages of a website to check if the links are working.


Since: Sahi ProSahi OSSahi Pro StarterDesktop Add-OnMobile Add-OnSAP Add-OnAI Assist Add-On

Available for modes: Browser

_crawlWebsite($websiteURL, $depth, $csvOutputFilePath)

$websiteURLstring URL of the website to crawl
$depthinteger Specify how deep Sahi should navigate in each link
$csvOutputFilePathstring Path of output csv file



This api is used for testing links on a website. Sahi will navigate to all the links and store the information in a csv file. This csv file contains the testpage, number of links found and any error found on each link (errors: Javascript error on link click or network error).
// Verifies all the links present in
_crawlWebsite("", 1, "output1.csv");

// Verifies all the links present in and also verifies all the links present in each link of
_crawlWebsite("", 2, "output2.csv");

// Use _artifact API to save a copy of the output file and access it from Sahi Reports page.