Sahi License Hub

abstract Organizations using Sahi Pro licenses can now manage licenses using a Sahi License Hub.
Since Sahi Pro 8.0.0
From version 8.0.0 every organization which purchases Sahi Pro will receive login credentials to Sahi License Hub.
(If you have not received yours, email sales @

Once logged in to License Hub, the customer will be able to see all product keys purchased by them. The admin can pass on the product key to their team members who will be using Sahi Pro.

The end user (who has installed Sahi Pro on their system) will need to provide their product key when Sahi Pro starts for the first time.

Product keys can be of two types: User or Concurrent. Managing Product Keys

When logged into the License Hub, the customer's Admin can see
  1. All product keys (future, current and expired keys)
  2. Leases against each product key
  3. Usage report for each product key
For concurrent licenses, the admin can see all leases and revoke any lease if needed (in case any machine has crashed).
For user licenses, the admin can bind it to another mac address if the end user's machine has changed.

For more details on usage, refer below.

infoNOTE: Sahi Pro 8.0.0 and above versions will work only with Sahi License Hub.

Access Sahi License Hub Web Interface

  1. Sahi License Hub can be accessed by navigating to
  2. Sahi License Hub You will need a registered email and password to login into Sahi License Hub. If you do not have any registered email or password yet, you can contact us at sales @ for any query related to Sahi License Hub.
  3. After a successful login user will get a list of licenses with all its details.
  4. Sahi License Hub
  5. A user can perform the following actions: Change MAC Address, Manage Leases, License Usage Report or Manage Access List.

Change MAC Address

For User Licenses, a user's registered MAC address can be changed.

To check the system's MAC address from the command line:
  1. Open a command prompt and cd to Sahi/userdata/bin(or click on the "Bin" link on the Sahi Dashboard).
  2. Run license_util.bat or to see the MAC address.
Now you can use this MAC address in Sahi License Hub .
infoNote: At any point of time, only one Sahi can run with a single "User License".

Manage Leases

This link will bring up a page that lists all the Product Keys. Sahi License Hub To view Lease details, click on View Details under Action column. Sahi License Hub

View License Usage Reports

This shows the Sahi Pro License Usage Reports in graphical and tabular format.

Graphical Representation

Show Data

Manage Access List

Access Control Lists help restrict access based on username, IP address or Mac address of the machine requesting license. Remove: Click to remove the access for that particular Sahi Pro user.
infoNOTE: Sahi Pro 8.0.0 and above versions will work only with Sahi License Hub.