What is new in Sahi Pro v6.0.1

abstract Sahi Pro v6.0.1 is a bugfix release.
warning WARNING related to Upgrades
  • Upgrade from SahiPro versions older than 6.0.0 Please do NOT upgrade to Sahi Pro 6.0.1 from an existing installation whose version is earlier than 6.0.0. There were significant changes in userdata folder introduced in 6.0.0 which would cause problems.

    Please do a fresh installation of Sahi Pro 6.0.1 in another folder and copy over your older userdata/scripts folder to the new installation. Also selectively copy changes from userdata/config files to the new installation.
  • It is OK to upgrade to Sahi Pro 6.0.1 from Sahi Pro 6.0.0.

    A few files are different in Sahi Pro 6.0.1.
    1. If you have not changed any xsls in the userdata/config/reports folder, just copy over the contents from config/userdata_template/config/reports. Else, merge the differences manually.
    2. Merge the contents of config/userdata_template/config/donot_download_urls.txt to userdata/config/donot_download_urls.txt folder.
    3. Copy over config/userdata_template/scripts/global_include.sah to userdata/scripts/global_include.sah
    4. Copy over subject.sah and noise.sah from config/userdata_template/scripts/demo/load to userdata/scripts/demo/load folder
    5. If you have previously created ANT xmls with Retry targets using the Editor, regenerate the ANT xmls from Editor | Playback | Create Ant Target, since the Retry targets have changed. If your ANT xmls do not contain Retry targets, you do not need to regenerate the ANT xmls.

Bug Fixes