What is new in Sahi Pro v9.0.2

abstract Sahi Pro v9.0.2 is a minor update release with bugfixes and modifications predominantly related to resolve latest browser restrictions.
Some popup related scripts may not work. Please refer modifications section for more details.

Update Instructions

  • For updating Sahi Pro from v9.0.1 to v9.0.2 use Update Sahi Pro web UI.
  • For updating Sahi Pro from v9.0.0 to v9.0.2 please follow the below instructions.
    1. On Linux OS, after upgrading through Update Sahi Pro web UI please grant permission for the 'SahiBaseDir/userdata/bin/verify_ssl_root_cert_linux.sh' file.
      Eg: chmod 755 verify_ssl_root_cert_linux.sh
    2. On Windows OS, When using any DB apart from H2, Update feature stop working.
      You need to update at least once from Sahi Pro 9.0.0 version in this manner to ensure all future updates work fine.

      You will need to temporarily switch your database to H2 > Perform the Update and then Switch back to your current database settings.
      For more information about using different databases for reports please see the document for Use a Different Database in Using Sahi.

      1. Take a backup of your existing database. (It may be "mysql", "mssql", "postgresql", "oracle" etc.) When upgrading Sahi Pro and reverting your database back to your current one, your db will also get updated. So, in order to avoid losing any data, taking a backup is a must before proceeding to below steps.
      2. Switch your database settings to H2 database.
      3. Perform update through Update Sahi Pro web UI.
      4. Now Switch back to your original DB settings.

Key Features

Bug Fixes and Improvements


warning If you are using Mobile browsers and if scripts are Aborting, please configure SSL using the steps in the link.