What is new in Sahi Pro v9.5.0

abstract Sahi Pro v9.5.0 is a major release with significant feature additions.

Instructions for updating through Web UI

  • If you are using Sahi Pro v9.0.1 or above version, you can easily update to Sahi Pro v9.5.0 through Update Sahi Pro web UI.
  • For updating from Sahi Pro v9.0.0, please follow the instructions below.
    1. On Linux OS, after upgrading through Update Sahi Pro web UI please grant permission for the <Sahi_Installation>/userdata/bin/verify_ssl_root_cert_linux.sh file.
      Eg: chmod 755 verify_ssl_root_cert_linux.sh
    2. On Windows OS, when using any DB apart from H2, the Update feature stops working.
      You need to update at least once from Sahi Pro 9.0.0 version in this manner to ensure all future updates work fine.

      You will need to temporarily switch your database to H2 > Perform the Update and then Switch back to your current database settings.
      For more information about using different databases for reports please see the document for Use a Different Database in Using Sahi.

      1. Take a backup of your existing database. (It may be "mysql", "mssql", "postgresql", "oracle" etc.) When upgrading Sahi Pro and reverting your database back to your current one, your db will also get updated. So, in order to avoid losing any data, taking a backup is a must before proceeding to the below steps.
      2. Switch your database settings to H2 database.
      3. Perform update through Update Sahi Pro web UI.
      4. Now Switch back to your original DB settings.
    3. Delete the Firefox profiles directory <Sahi_Installation>/userdata/browser/ff/profiles and restart Sahi.

Key Features

Git Integration

Now you can easily Integrate Sahi Pro with Git and work with your Git repository directly from the Sahi Pro Editor. Following Git operations are available in the Sahi Pro Editor.

  1. Git Configuration: Git configuration values like URL for the remote Git repository, remote branch name, author details, authentication details etc. can be saved.
  2. Git Commit: Changes can be checked in to the remote Git repository. Also, latest changes can be checked out from the remote Git repository.
  3. Git History: List of all commits made in the remote repository can be viewed. File changes in every commit are visible in detail. Git History can also be viewed for a specific file or directory.
  4. Git Compare: There is a provision to compare and show the differences between two versions of a file. Local version and the Head version of a file can be compared. Local version of a file and the version of that file in a specific commit can also be compared. Two commits can also be compared.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

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