What is new in Sahi Pro v6.2.0

abstract Sahi Pro v6.2.0 is a major release and contains many new features and bugfixes.
Sahi Pro Runner has been introduced since this version (v6.2.0)

Key Features

Microsoft Edge Support

Sahi Pro V6.2.0 adds support for the latest Microsoft Edge browser.

info NOTE: Microsoft Edge supports only single thread, so parallel execution not supported for this browser. You need to close any running instance of Microsoft Edge before playback.

Passing External Data in Excel

Normally, parameter data is passed inline to keywords/functions in scenario files. However, one may want to keep the parameter data in a separate file for easier maintenance. Sahi Pro 6.2 adds the ability to represent data in external files or database and allows an easy way of accessing such externalized data. Please read the documentation Passing External Data for more details.

Restrict Remote Access

Any user on the network could access Sahi Pro via web browser and modify its configuration and settings.
This new feature helps prevent other remote machines from directly accessing the Editor, Logs and Configuration of the host machine. Please refer to Restrict Remote Access section for more details.

Sahi Pro License Server

Organizations using Sahi Pro Concurrent licenses can now manage licenses using a central License Server. The License Server is available on request. Please email support@sahipro.com.

Sahi Pro Runner

Sahi Pro Runner is a leaner version of Sahi Pro, to be used for pure playback purposes especially from automated build systems. It does not have the Controller or Editor. It is well suited for running with Jenkins or for use as a Central Reporting server. Sahi Pro Runner is available as a separate download on the downloads archive page.

Support for Multiple Languages

Sahi allows testing of websites in any language using the same scripts as long as translations are available for that language. Please refer to Multi Language API section for more details.

Download Artifacts

All artifacts in a suite or script can now be downloaded as a zip from the corresponding suite or script report page.

Download Reports Offline

Suite logs and script logs(within a suite) can now be downloaded directly from the logs page. These log reports can be of different types (email, html, xml, excel, junit etc.).

Auto Refresh Logs

Suite and script reports can be set to auto refresh to refresh the logs after every 2 seconds until the execution completes. This will be helpful to track reports in the middle of execution. Please refer to Auto Refresh Logs section for more details.

Data Driven Suites with testcases

Added support to execute only specific testcases in data driven suites. Please read the documentation Data Driven Suites with testcases for more details.

New APIs

Script/Suite Info APIs Logging APIs Browser Detection APIs Language APIs

Modified APIs

Other Features and Enhancements

Bug Fixes