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What is new in Sahi Pro v9.0.0

abstract Sahi Pro v9.0.0 is a major release with significant feature additions and modifications. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Sahi Pro v9.0.0.
danger Read this section, before upgrading to Sahi Pro v9.0.0
  • Java 1.8 or above is needed for running Sahi Pro v9.0.0
  • Curl connection implementation has been removed in Sahi Pro v9.0.0.
    1. In Sahi Pro v8.0.0, curl connection implementation was used for 401 authentication handling. It was noted that our curl connection implementation was causing issues for users. So it has been removed.
    2. There have been major improvements for 401 authentication handling in Sahi Pro v9.0.0. Thus users will not be impacted by this removal.

Key Features

Business Driven Test Automation

In Sahi Pro 9.0.0 we have revisited the way we approach the test automation problem.

Till the previous version, Our recorder, function extractor and scenario framework made it easy to create test automation scripts without writing much code. How ever it still needed the tester's familiarity with code to make it all work. You coded less, but you still needed the knowledge.

In 9.0.0, we wanted to make it really easy for any tester to pick and use Sahi Pro - even testers without much coding knowledge or experience. So we moved around our existing pieces, and came up with Business Driven Test Automation (BDTA). BDTA flips the test automation by allowing the tester to create the business scenarios first, even before the application is ready or has a UI. When the application UI gets ready, the recorder can be exercised to implement keywords by capturing the underlying steps and elements.

Data Driven Testing

Running test cases with different sets of data can now be easily done via the Data Drive wizard. This implementation is easier to use than our older implementation. It also ensures tests are still readable even after moving data outside.

Autoheal for web automation

We have made test execution more resilient with the Autoheal feature. If an element has changed, Sahi will try to guess the new element. If the new element is found, Sahi will mark the change in the logs and continue execution. This can reduce failures and reduce effort spent in stopping, analyzing and rerunning scripts. (Autoheal is currently available only for web automation.)

Enhanced Suite analysis

When suites fail, a good amount of time was spent analyzing the test results to find the core problem. We have enhanced Suite analysis to analyze the reports and pinpoint the source of failures. When you know that the 23 failing scripts are all failing due to just 3 specific steps, it becomes very easy and fast to fix and rerun.

Create Virtual Machines with AWS Cloud Formation

If you have large suites of tests and multi machine playback is needed, it may be necessary to create Windows instances on the cloud with various browsers installed on them. We have made this task simple by providing a AWS Cloud Formation Template through which Master and Worker Nodes can be configured and created easily with popular browsers and Sahi Pro runner installed on them. This eases the devops tasks needed to get a working cloud execution environment up and running. This feature is elaborated over here.

Mobile Automation integration with AWS Device Farm

While the above cloud environment helps with the browser and desktop automation tasks, testing on mobile also needed attention. Apart from local machines with tethered mobile devices, Sahi Pro now integrates with AWS Device Farm on the cloud. This makes testing multiple mobile OSes and Devices much more manageable.

Automatic thread allocation during playback

We have added automatic thread allocation during playback. Sahi Pro chooses how many threads of browsers etc. to run on a Node based on the CPU load on that machine. This prevents overloading a specific machine. Overloaded machines can lead to unresponsive scripts which eventually abort.

Prevent unauthorized remote access

We have also made Sahi Pro more secure by preventing unauthorized access from other computers. Restrictions can be made via login/password and also IP based filtering. Refer here for details.

Updating Sahi Pro is now easier

While working with remote Nodes, updating Sahi Pro versions, modifying configuration and adding support jars/patches needed one to go to individual nodes and update them.

Additional notes

New APIs

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Known Issues

These are known issues which will be fixed soon as part of a minor update.
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