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What is new in Sahi Pro v10.0.0

abstract Sahi Pro v10.0.0 is a major release with significant feature additions and modifications. The following summarizes features and enhancements in Sahi Pro v10.0.0.

Instructions to Install/ Upgrade using Installer

  • If you're installing Sahi Pro for the first time or want to install Sahi Pro v10.0.0 from installer in a new location, then please refer Sahi Pro - Getting Started page.
  • If you wish to upgrade from an older version of Sahi using installer, refer to Upgrade Sahi Pro for details.

Instructions for updating through Web UI

  • On Linux OS or MAC OS, a pre-setup must be installed. Kindly follow below steps to install the pre-setup.
    1. Open Configure page from the Sahi Pro dashboard.
    2. Click on 'Update Sahi Pro' link in the Sahi Pro's Configure page.
    3. Copy below URL and paste in 'Install patch from URL'. Click on 'Apply Patch' button.
    4. Alternately, download the pre-setup from here. Choose the downloaded file in 'Install patch from file'. Click on 'Apply Patch' button.
    5. Sahi Pro will restart automatically after installing this pre-setup.
  • If you are using Sahi Pro v9.0.1 or above version, you can easily update to Sahi Pro v10.0.0 through Update Sahi Pro web UI.

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence Infused

Sahi Pro is now equipped with artificial intelligence via Sahi Pro AI Assist Add-on. Sahi Pro AI Assist Add-on provides capabilities to automate applications using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. It employs 'Image Recognition' and 'Optical Character Recognition' to automate an application. Refer Sahi Pro AI Assist Add-on for details.

BDTA Is Now Multilingual

Since Sahi v9.0.0, Business Driven Test Automation (BDTA) allows you to create the business scenarios first, even before the application is ready or has a UI. Earlier, you could write your scenarios only in English language. Now, BDTA supports all business languages namely English, Spanish, German, Dutch, etc. Thus, you can easily carry out your Business Driven Test Automation in your own language.

Reports Are Now Revamped

We have redesigned the Reports in Sahi. Now, the reports feature modern and responsive design, improved navigation. The reports are now more intuitive, making it easier for you to find the information you need. This will deliver a rich user experience and add business value as well.

Enhanced Applet Automation

Earlier, both Browser and Desktop capabilities were necessary to automate applets. Now, applets can be automated using only Desktop Add-on. For this, the Applet elements need to be automated using JAVA mode while the elements on browser need to be automated using WINDOWS mode. This approach facilitates easy and more stable testing for Oracle Apps. Refer here for details.

Performance Improvement In Windows Automation

Desktop Add-on now contains 64-bit executables for Windows automation. This provides significant performance improvement when automating a 64-bit Windows application on a 64-bit machine.


New APIs

Bug Fixes

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