Create a Flowchart

abstractCreate your first flowchart
goalVisually design a test flow in a flowchart. A flowchart can be used for manual testing or automation.

Here, we will create a flow to add an item to the shopping cart of an e-commerce website.

Start Sahi Pro Dashboard

  1. Start Sahi Dashboard by any of the following methods:

    Double click on the desktop shortcut or

    Start from the command line.
    1. Windows: - Go to <sahi_root>\userdata\bin and run start_dashboard.bat
    2. Linux - Go to <sahi_root>/userdata/bin and run ./
  2. The Sahi Pro console will appear.

Launch Flowcharts UI

  1. The Sahi Pro Dashboard will appear.
  2. Click on the Flowcharts link.
  3. The User interface opens in your default browser, displaying the welcome screen or the project page.

Create a Project

  1. Click on the Create project button.
  2. Enter Project details:
    1. In the Project Details dialog box, provide a Project name :Open Cart and description (optional).
    2. Click on SAVE CHANGES.

Create a New Flowchart

  1. Click on the Create New button to create a new flowchart.
  2. The flowchart window appears with a blank flowchart containing the Start node.

Add Nodes

  1. Add a Label Node:
    1. Click on the Start node, choose Add Node > Label.
    2. Type suitable name for the Path: Shopping Cart and Click OK.
    3. This will add the Label node below Start.
  2. Add an action node: Go to Product page.
    1. A new Action node will get added.
    2. Note that all nodes are colour coded to avoid confusion.
  3. Add another action node: Add item to cart
    The flowchart now looks like this:
  4. Add an outcome node: Verify item added to cart
    The flowchart now looks like this:


  1. Click on the Save button.
  2. Type the name for the flowchart.
  3. Click OK.
outcome Congratulations! A visual flowchart depicting your test case is ready!
  1. Project
  2. Flowchart
  3. Path
  4. Node