Automate REST API Calls

abstract As part of a test flow, we may need to call some webservice via REST APIs. The REST API Call Step in Flowcharts allows calling and verifying REST API calls.
  1. Click on the node where you need to add REST API call on the flowchart and select Automate.
  2. Automate dialog opens up with the selected node.
  3. Click on the icon near to Add Step and from the drop-down select REST API Call
  4. It opens a REST API dialog with the options to call GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH
  5. Choose relevant call, ex. GET and complete the fields like URL, Headers, etc
  6. Click Get Response to get the response of API
  7. It will automatically navigate to the Response tab and show the response of the API.
  8. Click on the TREE under Body tab.
  9. Click on the checkboxes for the values that need to be asserted or stored.
  10. Click on the Update to save the assertion.
  11. Click on Store to store the value of the response in some variable.
  12. info Select multiple checkboxes and use the Assert and Store buttons to assert or store the values in one shot.
  13. Assertions can be seen on Assertions tab
  14. Variables can be seen on Variables tab
  15. Click on Update button to add the API Call in the Keyword.
  16. Similarly, use Post or any other method.