Migrate from Test Flow Charts

abstract Test Flow Charts (app.testflowcharts.com) was the online version of Sahi Pro Flowcharts. TestFlowCharts has been discontinued and will no longer be available.
Existing users can migrate their projects from app.testflowchart.com to Sahi Pro Flowcharts.
info Sahi Pro Flowcharts allows offline access to testflowcharts functionality. It provides
  • Better data privacy and control
  • Better version control capability and Collaboration
  1. Install Sahi Pro
  2. Export Project from TestFlowCharts
    1. Login to app.testflowchart.com
    2. On the specific project card you want to download, Click on the three-dot icon to open a dropdown menu with more options.
      In the dropdown menu, Click on Download to download the project.
      The project will be downloaded as a zip file.
  3. Import Project to Sahi Pro Flowcharts
    1. Extract downloaded zip file and copy the extracted folder. Paste it in <SAHI_HOME>/userdata/scripts/flowchartsdata/ folder.
      warningPlease make sure that the final folder structure looks like <SAHI_HOME>/userdata/scripts/flowchartsdata/OpenCart Demo and it doesn't contain same OpenCart Demo folder inside.
  4. Verify project on Sahi Pro Flowcharts
    1. Go to Flowcharts UI, and verify your project is visible on project list page.