Data Drive

A flowchart path often involves filling of form fields with some data values. When we record such paths, the data we used during recording, gets hard coded in the steps. When we play this path back, the same values get input again and again in the form fields. There are 2 issues with it.
  1. Some form fields may need to be unique. Eg. You may not be able to register again using the same email address. Hence the test won't work with the same values.
  2. There is limited value in running a test with the same set of inputs. We need to exercise tests with different sets of data. Eg. We may need to check for various invalid email formats to check if validations are triggered correctly.
Flowcharts allows various ways to drive your test with data. There are four data driving capabilities of Flowcharts:

  1. Data Generators - For Uniqueness and Repeatability
  2. Positive Validations - For boundary values and validating against specific valid data
  3. Negative Validations - For UI validations
  4. Datasets - For data setup and inter-dependent entity objects