Flowchart Paths and Branches

abstract There can be multiple paths/flows in a Flowchart. This allows grouping of similar test flows together.
New Paths can be added in 2 ways:
  1. As a branched subpath to another path
  2. As a new path starting from the Start node.

Branch without Condition

Many test flows start off with the same steps and then start diverging later. Such flows can be designed using branches.
Branches reduce duplication and give a clear view of the various flows possible from a particular stage in the application.
Sub Labels can be added to a path at any point to give some context or description to the branched flow.

Branch with Condition

Some paths are only possible for specific data or only if some specific prior setup has been done.
Conditions can be used to enforce separation of such paths.

New Path from Start Node

An independent path can be created from the Start node.
Such paths are related in context, but do not need to repeat the steps from another path.

View All Paths - Table View

To view all the branched paths in a table view, click on Table View button on the top of the flowchart.