Windows Desktop Automation

abstract This section details how to test Windows Desktop Applications. If you are not familiar with Sahi Pro Flowcharts, see Introduction to Sahi Pro Flowcharts To automate windows desktop applications using Sahi Pro Classic, refer Windows Desktop Automation.

Start Windows Desktop Automation

Using the Controller

Element Identification

  1. Window Automation must be turned on Sahi Pro Dashboard's 'Processes' settings and 'Window icon' at top left of the Automate dialog must be clicked during identification or automation.
  2. If during identification, Sahi Pro Flowcharts is identifying background elements, then goto display setting of PC and change Change the size of text, apps and other items to 100% (Recommended).
  3. For SilverLight, XBAP (i.e browser based desktop applications) during identification, if Sahi Pro Flowcharts is not identifying some boundary elements, then maximize the browser.

Automating a Keyword

This is similar to automating a Sahi Pro Flowcharts keyword for normal browser testing.
  • To automate a Keyword in WINDOWS mode, Window icon at the top left of the Automate dialog must be clicked during identification or automation and click on Start Record button. Actions done on the Windows Desktop application are recorded automatically.
  • Steps can also be recorded from the Flowcharts Controller.
  • info
    1. Window Automation must be turned on from Processes setting from Sahi Pro Dashboard and Window icon at right side top left corner in automate dialog must be clicked during identification or recording.
    2. Cursor Feedback:During recording, mouse cursor turns to Arrow with Red dot until the step is recorded.
    3. Refer Record a steps for a better understanding.


    1. On the Automate dialog click on Runbutton.
    2. The Run Settings dialog opens. Select the Mode Windows if we did not mentioned in the scipt and click RUN.

    View Report

    1. Click on the Reports button..
    2. The Report opens in a new browser tab.
    infoNote: A script cannot be played back if Window Automation is not enabled From the Processes setting on Sahi Pro Dashboard.
    infoRefer Run Flowchart for a better understanding.

    Scripting Notes

    Additional Configurations