Integrate with Azure DevOps

abstract Azure DevOps and other Continuous Integration systems can trigger Sahi scripts as part of the build process using Sahi's ANT target.
Automation is useless without Continuous Integration. Sahi suites should be periodically executed and CI systems can trigger suites when code changes happen. Sahi suites can be triggered via ANT. We configure Azure DevOps to call Sahi's ANT target and then make Sahi's logs accessible from Azure DevOps.


Configure Azure DevOps with GitHub

Configure GitHub

Configure Self-hosted Agent pool Azure DevOps

Personal access token (PAT) generation

Configure Azure DevOps

  1. Create Project with Basic Process in Azure DevOps
    • Click on the New Project button on the top right corner.
    • Enter information into the Panel that opens:
      • Enter the name of your project.
      • Enter the description this field is optional.
      • Choose the visibility of either public or private.
      • Choose the right version control for detail refer Git and TFVC version control.
      • Choose the Work Item Process.
    • Click Create project button. Navigated to Welcome page.
  2. Create your first pipeline
    • Go to Pipelines, and then select Create pipeline.
    • Do the steps of the wizard by first selecting GitHub as the location of your source code. You might be redirected to GitHub to sign in. If so, enter your GitHub credentials.
    • When you see the list of repositories, select your repository. You might be redirected to GitHub to install the Azure Pipelines app. If so, select Approve & install.
    • Review your pipeline YAML
    • infoPlease update pool name if you changed while configuration of agent pool
    • Take a look at the YAML to see what it does. When you're ready, select Save.
    • Now, Navigated to commit to the repository page. Enter the commit message and Click on Save.
  3. Running pipeline
    • Click on Run pipeline and then click on Run.
    • To provide permissions to pipeline, click on View and then Permit.
    • After providing the permission to pipeline, pipeline job will start.
  4. View Sahi Pro HTML Logs in Azure Devops
    • Click on Job Number and then click on 1 published.