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Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on

abstract Getting started with Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on Automation.

Download Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on

Download Sahi Pro and Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on from Sahi's download archives.
Install Sahi Pro into a folder without spaces in its path. Then install Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on into the same folder as Sahi Pro. Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on needs a separate license from Sahi Pro. You will need a valid license to run Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on. If you do not have a valid license yet, you can register here for a 30 day evaluation license.

Install Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on

Installing using Configure page

  • Click on the Configure link on the Dashboard. It will open up Sahi's configuration page. Select the Update Sahi Pro link on the left panel.

  • Click on the Install Mobile Add-on link
  • info Sahi will automatically restart to make sure the changes are reflected.

    Installing using Jar

    1. Double click on install_sahi_pro_mobile_xxx.jar to start the installer. If Java is configured properly, it will launch the installer.

      info If the installer does not launch, or if the jar file is opened as if it is a zip file, cancel the unzip dialog, open a command prompt, cd to where the file is downloaded, and run
      java -jar install_sahi_pro_mobile_xxx.jar
    2. infoSahi Pro Mobile Add-on must be installed in the same folder as Sahi Pro is installed. For example, if Sahi Pro is installed at C:/<username>/tools/Sahi_Pro, then install Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on also at C:/<username>/tools/Sahi_Pro.
    3. Add Product Key directly to Sahi product key popup window. Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on needs Product Key to be available inside sahi/userdata/config (create if needed).
    4. If the Product Key is valid, Sahi will startup fine and you will be able to access Sahi.
      infoSince Sahi Pro v7.5.0, there is no need to have Sahi Pro Product Key for the automation with Sahi. Sahi Pro Browser capability can be disabled by unchecking the Browser checkbox. One needs to add licenses based on Sahi capabilities enabled.

    Start Sahi Dashboard

    Start Sahi Dashboard by any of the following methods
    1. Double click on the desktop shortcut
    2. or
    3. Start from the command line.

      Windows: - Go to <sahi_root>\userdata\bin and run start_dashboard.bat

      Linux - Go to <sahi_root>/userdata/bin and run ./
    warning Browser Icons will not be present on Sahi dashboard, if Sahi Pro Browser Capability is disabled.
    info If Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on is installed at correct location, Android IconandiOS Iconwill automatically appear on Sahi dashboard.

    Automating Android and iOS applications

    Sahi Pro Mobile Add-on provides support for Android and iOS applications. Overall usage of Sahi Pro remains the same. If you are not familiar with Sahi Pro, go through the Sahi Pro Quick Tutorial