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AI Assist Automation - Getting Started

abstract This section helps you quickly get started with AI Assist Automation.

Start AI Assist Automation

Using the Controller

Evaluate Expression

Evaluating Application expression through Controller. It helps while identifying elements or while debugging.
infoRefer Evaluate Expression for a better understanding.

View captured image

If any script is opened in editor and has _aiImage API used in it, the image which is passed as the imagePath argument can be viewed from the editor. There are two ways.


From Controller

Once a script is recorded, it can be played back from the Controller Playback tab itself.
infoRefer Playback Tab for a better understanding.

From the Editor

You can playback the script from the Editor as well. Refer Editor Playback for a better understanding.

AI Assist Accessor APIs

AI Assist Accessor APIs facilitate artificial intelligence based automation.