Sahi Documentation

Other Language Drivers

abstract Apart from Sahi Script, Sahi has APIs available in Java to drive the browser.
Sahi has drivers in Java also to automate browsers. However these drivers are not as powerful as Sahi Script. A list of features that are supported in Sahi Script but NOT in the Java drivers are:

  1. Automatic creation of logs: One needs to use the language/framework's logging mechanism to explicit generate logs.
  2. Management of scripts via suites, data driven suites, tagging etc. Needs custom implementation to do this in Java
  3. Distributed Playback: Needs custom implementation to do this in Java
  4. Web based execution: Not available in Java
  5. Controller capabilities: Java driver Controllers allow recording of code snippets, but it cannot playback, evaluate code etc. These features are only available for Sahi Script since it is Javascript.
warning We recommend using the JS (Sahi) scripting language. Read our recommendations before deciding on a driver.