Scenario Editor

From Sahi Pro V5.1, a web based UI for creating scenarios is available. It is a user-friendly, easy and interactive user interface for running and developing Sahi scripts which are in .xls, .xlsx or .s.csv format. It uses most of the shortcuts available in Microsoft Excel.

Sahi understands csv files with .s.csv extension as a scenario file (eg. sample.s.csv).

warning This application is not supported on IE versions lower than IE10.

Launching the Scenario Editor

  1. Open the Editor window from Sahi Dashboard.
  2. Search for the scenario file to be edited in navigation panel. Click on the file name to open the scenario editor.

Introduction to the Web UI

1Insert a new testcase.
2Load Sahi Library.
3Show function details for the selected cell.
4Allows to import multiple functions at once.
5Inserts Tags column.
6Inserts Comment column.
7Load Sample scenario file
8Shortcut Info
9Script Info

Key features

  • loadSahi

    loadSahi loads a .sah file. All of the functions defined in the .sah file get dynamically added. They can all be seen in the autocomplete dropdown.
  • Detail box

    The UI contains a button on the top of the editor called "Function Details". Selecting a cell and clicking this button gives details of the selected function and its arguments. This gives a basic idea as to what the type and number of arguments are.
  • Red colored notification

    The SpreadSheet UI notifies the user about mistakes by marking problematic cells in red color.

    If the path or name of the file specified in loadSahi is wrong, it gets shown in red. If the user adds a wrong function, i.e. a function that is not defined in the included files, or if he makes a mistake with the function name, the name appears in red. Only if the function is defined in the file included through 'loadSahi', does it appear in black. If the number of arguments added in the UI for a function is more than the number of arguments in the function definition, the extra arguments are shown in red.

    List of shortcuts

    infoNOTE: If any of the below shortcuts of sahi editor is responding with the system, then we need to disable them in the system.
    e.g. for disabling the shortcut in ubuntu: Goto system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> navigation and disable the shortcut.

    CTRL combination shortcut keys

    CTRL + ASelect all contents of the worksheet.
    CTRL + HOMEMove to column header cell.
    CTRL + CCopies the selected cells.
    CTRL + XCuts the selected cells.
    CTRL + VPastes in the selected cell.
    CTRL + YRepeats the last command or action, if possible.
    CTRL + ZUses the Undo command to reverse the last command or to delete the last entry you typed.
    CTRL + /Comment/ Un-comment the selected row/s.
    CTRL + DELETEDeletes the selected row/s.