Integrate with TeamCity

abstract TeamCity and other Continuous Integration systems can trigger Sahi scripts as part of the build process using Sahi's ANT target.

Sahi with TeamCity

Automation is useless without Continuous Integration. Sahi suites should be periodically executed and CI systems can trigger suites when code changes happen. Sahi suites can be triggered via ANT. We configure TeamCity to call Sahi's ANT target and then make Sahi's logs accessible from TeamCity.


Before integration, you will first need an ant target to run the suite file. You can create the ANT target from the editor using playback options. Save the file in any path accessible by TeamCity (say C:\teamcity_sahi) and lets call it build.xml.

info At the end of the configuration steps in this page, your folder structure should look like this:
In the build.xml make sure that:

Configure TeamCity

View Sahi Pro HTML Logs in TeamCity

Once Artifacts are configured, one can find Sahi's report logs by hovering over on the "Artificats" icon on the right side for that specific build number on the TeamCity project page.